There's so much more to photo
booths than props and prints.

Don't get us wrong we love that too but if you like standing
out from the crowd, you should see what else we can do!

Green Screen Magic

Transport your guests into any scene you can dream up. Walk the red carpet, wave to adoring fans from the big stage, get behind the wheel of your dream car, dance in a snow globe…you get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

Boomerang Booth

Kick it up a notch! Boomerang videos are the latest fun photo booth craze. Your guests record a short video clip which gets looped back and forth - forever! The final creations can be shared via email, text and social media instantly.

GIF Booth

Get Giffy with it! The GIF booth takes multiple photos and converts them into an animated file that you can brand and customize. Guests text or email the file to themselves and then upload to social media.

Slo-Mo Booth

Cutting edge and interactive. Capture your guests having a blast in slow motion. We'll bring fun stuff like silly string, streamers, confetti or fake money (make it rain!) to add pizazz to your videos. Guests can share their videos instantly online and receive a 4x6 print of their favourite frame.

Light Painting

Our talented photographer will help your guests surround themselves in a glowing one-of-a-kind work of art. Guests can watch their  creation come to life on the booth display! The final product can be customized with your brand and then printed and shared.

Custom Photo Effects

We love playing with photo effects and so will your guests! Create photo art with our Warhol effect, let your guest bring out their inner movie star with our gorgeous Glamour Filter, turn your guests into cartoon versions of themselves with the Cartoon effect, add a Glitch effect, or go Retro.